What to do with a cancelled cake?

What to do with a cancelled cake?

A cake decorator had a cancellation.

The Cake was already done and due out the next day. But the customer had been told to isolate because of connection with a patient who had contracted our current threatening illness. So her celebration was cancelled.  So the question was – what to do with a cancelled cake?

The Cake decorator was asking what to do with her unwanted cake.

She had taken a deposit that covered her costs. She was going to be without the balance.

  • People suggested she cut it and freeze in slices.
  • Or since it was a letter shape cut into chunks and sell in chunks.
  • Others said to raffle it. That would take time to organise to be truthful.
  • She could post it on her Facebook page in the hope that someone bought it.
  • She could have a party herself and invite some friends to enjoy it.
  • Someone said she should take full payment upon ordering so never again out of pocket.
  • Drop it off at a fire station, hospital or homeless shelter.
  • Do a doorstep non-contact delivery and make the customer pay.
  • Others were adamant that the lady now isolating should be made to pay because that was the terms of service. Regardless of her change in circumstances.
  • Another said to send a stiff message saying cake to be collected by….date and time. Or it will be disposed of. Plus balance still due.

But…I take a different stance.

Here was my reply.

Take the cancelled cake to the nearest old peoples home. That would create a lot of smiles. If you have the deposit to keep, you shouldn’t be out of pocket for ingredients. Just your time.

But what nicer way to remedy the situation is by making a lot of elderly people smile and enjoy it.

Yes, you could freeze in slices too…but why not pay it forward.

Guarantee nice things appear to happen back to you when you do this.

Tell the isolating customer that this is what you intend. I will guarantee they will be happy to be a part of making smiles happen in an old peoples home.


There will be sometimes circumstances where you can choose a different route. You can make a judgement call.

Yes, you have terms and conditions in place. But what if say a kiddie is taken ill and now their birthday party is cancelled. The cake is cancelled by the parent. What would you do then?



What would you do if money wasn’t even an issue?

Do we listen to our inner compassion and intuition? And do something different from our original terms and conditions this once? If you weren’t relying on that income to pay a gas bill? (And what a great place to get to too)What would you do?

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