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The Cake Circle

The Cake Circle

Exciting news for both hobby bakers and cake decorators looking for help.

CakeCoachOnline has the advice and guidance you need.

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Discover our Cake Circle Membership and all that this offers.    Doors open a handful of times per year.

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Karen MacFadyen

Karen MacFadyen
Creator - CakeCoachOnline


Do you dream of turning your skills & passion for home baking/cake decorating into a business? Come and discover CakeCoachOnline. From cake pricing right through to The Cake Circle Membership, we have something to help for the stage you are at now.

Testimonials from Happy Customers…

Cash for Cakes System “The best online business kit so far. This is the ONLY tool needed.”


“I have been baking for the past 10 years but my focus has been only on developing recipes and merely baking cakes for others. Pricing was based on what I feel was right, I realised now I was hardly making any profit! What I got with Cash for Cakes System was more than what I paid for. I have bought a few online kits on helping bakers run their business but this is the BEST so far! Thank you.”

– M. Shariff – Malaysia

Going to be of great help to me


“I am sure this is going to be of great help to me as I have always had the problem of not really knowing what to charge and being told by other cake bakers that I am far too cheap!”

– Jill Heaney – South Africa

The Cake Calculator is a brilliant time-saving app – which I would gladly recommend


“Thought I would drop you a line to thank you for the cake calculator app. I purchased it after seeing it on Facebook. I’m so glad I did! It is worth every penny. As a ‘technophobe’ I have found this app so easy to use, from inputting my data to copying and saving my own costing sheets for future reference. So much more professional!”

– Carol Lowdon – UK

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